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B7K - Stud Bolt Pre-Packaged Flange Kits
FNW B7K, Stud Bolt Pre-Packaged Flange Kits

Catalog Spec Sheet Spec Sheet for B7K MasterSpec log
Tech Guide

Always verify that you have the most recent product specifications
or other documentation prior to the installation of these products.

  • Material Test Reports (MTRs) in the Box
  • Pre-package kits for ANSI class 150# and 300# Flanges
  • Bagged & Packed in Double-Walled Strapped Cartons
  • Studs:
    • Grade B7
    • Full Threaded Rod Stud Bolts
    • Chamfered Flat Faced Ends
    • Manufactured from Chromium-Molybdenum Ferritic Alloy Steel
    • Tensile Strength: 125 KSI Min.
    • Hardness 35 HRC Max.
  • Nuts:
    • Grade 2H
    • Heavy Hex
    • Single-Chamfered with Bottom Washer Face
    • Manufactured from Carbon Steel
    • Rockwell Hardness: C24 to C38
  • Threads:
    • 1" Diameter & Smaller - Unified Inch Coarse Series (UNC), Class 2A
    • 1-1/8" Diameter - Unified Inch 8 Thread Series (UN8), Class 2A
  • Plain Finish Coated with Light Protective Oil
  • Right Hand Threads
  • Heat Treated
  • Manufacturer Identification and Grade Marks on All Studs and Nuts
  • Studs and Nuts are Heat Code Traceable*
  • Stud and Nut Sets are Lot Number Traceable*

  • Studs:
    • Material & Mechanical Properties: ASTM A193 Grade B7
    • Threads: ASME B1.1, UNC or UN8, Class 2A
  • Nuts:
    • Material & Mechanical Properties: ASTM A194 Grade 2H
    • Dimensions: ASME B18.2.2
* Heat codes and lot numbers are listed on box labels. MTRs are included in each kit.
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